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About us

Coach Office 365 was started in Sweden 2015 and its founder, Magnus Fälth, has a vision of being able to help clients from all around the world.

We are now in the process of developing our services to accomplish this vision, with a strong online presence. 

Our company is Learn & Adopt Sverige AB, and we are Microsoft partners. 


+46 760533326

Östra Promenaden 21, 21128 Malmö, Sweden


Our services

How we can help you

Coaching of leadership teams
We coach leadership teams for improved collaboration and communication with the use of Office 365.
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Online courses
We offer online courses that you can take to learn to lead more effectively for Office 365.
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Hosting of FB community
We host the community “Leadership in the digital workplace” (on Facebook) where the members share our experience on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to inspiring others in using Office 365, we also jointly keep track of what is new for Office 365, and more.
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Monthly newsletter
We send out a much appreciated monthly newsletter “Leadership in Office 365” where we cover the relevant updates that have been released for Office 365 the past month, as well as what’s new in relation to leadership on the digital workplace.
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