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A need for tools?

A need for tools?

Do you sometimes feel the need to use better tools that helps handle the digital information you’ve got at work?

“Tools” in the same sense that you use when gardening for extending the power of your physical body or when you are cooking. That help you handle situations more productively and more effectively.

At work, you might feel the need to:

To keep better order of your information
To come to decision faster
To be better prepared for meetings
To be able to better prioritize among your tasks
To be able to communicate in a good way
Not to loose things that are asked of you (e.g. chat messages, emails, etc.)

Is it that you have access to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 probably has a tool for each of your needs. It is designed to empower every person on the planet to achieve more (as Microsoft’s mission statement runs).

Maybe you feel that Microsoft 365 is too complex and too difficult for you? Maybe you feel that you are a person who isn’t able to learn new workways, especially that involves IT tools, that easily? Maybe you feel too busy and that you have to keep your focus on other things (where you are the subject matter expert)?

You are not at all alone in this situation, we can tell you.

Many of our students have shared the experiences of modern work life. Where the pace of work seems to increase each year, the number of requirements to fulfil increase, the volume of information to keep track of increases, the number of teams to be part of increases, and more.

We have been analyzing for quite some time what a potential solution to this kind of situation could be, for an office worker like yourself to be able to advance in a sustainable way to learn the new modern workways. We have been investigating what the brain would need to learn effectively, how the apps of Microsoft 365 work in detail, what Microsoft has designed the apps for, what the best practices are for working with the information in the apps, and more. Keyword in this work has been simplicity.

We have been testing out such a method for a few years now and we have reached the conclusion that the following 4 steps put together are very effective and powerful.

  1. Start with getting clarity on which information you need to improve your handling of
  2. Based on step 1, select the app that let’s you handle that information within Microsoft 365
  3. Decide on a simple behavior for that app that you will perform regularly and consistently
  4. As your brain naturally opens up for learning more about the apps, allow yourself to start to explore what more functions can be used

Why does this method work?

There are a few foundational principles are work:

  1. The principle of continuity – that in nature every evolvement takes time but is done through small, repeated actions
  2. The principle of simplicity – that the brain won’t have any objections for not performing the behavior as it has been made so easy

So we would really recommend you to try out the 4 steps. And keep to it. Trust the process. Over time you will accomplish great results.

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