Accountability coaching

Accountability coaching is one of our methods.

We use coaching as a method for helping our clients learn to work in smart ways with the help of the apps of Microsoft 365 and achieve mastery of Microsoft 365.

Our coaches are certified by ICF (International Coach Federation) and are actively keeping up their coaching competence.

Why is coaching so suitable as a method for an information worker who wants to master Microsoft 365? We have discovered a few aspects:

  1. Our coach lets you be in the driving seat which opens up for development of your self-leadership that is so important for mastering Microsoft 365
  2. Our coach is focused in understanding where you are at the moment in terms of IT knowledge, understanding of digital information and your relation to Microsoft 365, and is able to give you advice based on this realistic view
  3. Our coach is attentive to where you want to go, and can help you articulate your vision which will help you on your path towards mastering Microsoft 365
  4. Our coach will help you break down your journey into subgoals that are achievable with a structured approach
  5. Our coach will keep your accountable to whatever commitments that you set up for yourself (this has shown to be much appreciated specifically by managers who feel that there’s too much going on around them and that is pulling for their attention).

Are you interested in trying out coaching as a method for achieving mastery of Microsoft 365? We are able to give you a complimentary (free) session after you complete our 5-day challenge for developing a habit for Microsoft 365. Welcome to sign up for the challenge. See this page.