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Do you consider yourself a knowledge worker?

Do you consider yourself a knowledge worker?

As a knowledge worker you apply your expertise to information to create products, make decisions, take action, etc. within the subject matter you are responsible for.

As input for your work you use information.

Information has gotten a bad name these days, from what I see. Information overload is something many of us can relate to. Our brains are trying hard to keep up with the constant inflow of information to our inboxes, our chat apps, our social media accounts. In order to do our job as knowledge workers.

What you need to do as a knowledge worker is to get yourself in control of your information, and not letting the other way around be the case.

“Sounds easier said than done”, you might think.

Well, it could at least be something to strive for, right?

The products, the actions, the decisions will be of (much) higher quality and you will less stresses accomplishing them.

With the right methods you might reach further than you might think.

When you gotten your basic work information under control (the tasks, the messages, the meetings, etc.) you will be able to look at your information from a higher perspective, and start to play with the different parts and create unique pieces. Much of your human qualities, such as your capacity for creativity, intuition, empathy, visualization, imagination, etc. will be able to show themselves. The lower intellect has kept them at bay, by having to spend so much of its focus on keeping track of information. Something that the computers have been designed to do for us.

When you have achieved an appropriate structure for your information, your brain will be able to relax in knowing that it will be able to get to that information when it needs to (that might be through a quick search).

When you have become adequately aware of how the apps work, how your information is processed, how your actions are seen by your colleagues, your brain can unwind and be more free in its thoughts, ideas and actions. 

Then you are able to produce results that will be able to astonish the world.

And as knowledge workers, that’s what we strive for, isn’t it.

Which methods would you be able to make use of on your journey towards mastering Microsoft 365? Which methods have others used before you? Here are a few powerful ones (links to other blog posts):

  1. Pro-active habit formation for Microsoft 365
  2. Coaching for Microsoft 365
  3. Peer support (communities for knowledge workers who want to achieve mastery of Microsoft 365)

With the right methods for you, you will be able to make steady progress towards mastering Microsoft 365 for your own productivity and well-being.