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Building a Second Brain in Microsoft 365

Building a Second Brain in Microsoft 365

Have you read Tiago Forte’s book “Building a Second Brain: A Proven Method to Organize Your Digital Life and Unlock Your Creative Potential” and now wonder how to build one for yourself in Microsoft 365? Great idea, indeed!

It works very well! And has been tested by a number of knowledge workers. ?

It can though be difficult to know what exactly you can use each app for, and in this article I provide an overview of each app’s place in a second brain based on our deep and long experience.

In the article, I take it that you already are familiar with the BASB concepts and the idea behind BSAB.

For an overview of the apps you can use in Microsoft 365, see the article Building a Second Brain in Microsoft 365 — An introduction.

In this article I give an overview of how you can use Microft 365 to build your second brain, in a strategic sense.

[More to come shortly]

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