Champions program for Office 365

Are you interested in implementing a champions program for your Office 365? Then you’ve landed on the right page! We specialize in helping organizations maximize their potential in implementing Office 365.

Resurce effective

To implement a champions program for Office 365 is one of the most resource effective methods for achieving adoption.


Your own employees being the resource mainly used to inspire and train the rest of the organisation, a champions program has a very sustainable effect in the long term.

Powerful results

A community of champions for the digital workplace has the chance for achieving many powerful results, in various areas of the business.

About champions programs

A champions program for Office 365 is a delibrate attempt to use the internal resources within the organization to get adoption going.


Normally, a champions program is running for 12 months. Activities include training sessions, online courses, webinars, and activities that the champions run for their colleagues.

Why are Office 365 champions important?