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Coaching for Microsoft 365

Coaching for Microsoft 365

As a method to use for a knowledge worker who strives to achieve mastery of Microsoft 365, professional coaching is outstanding.

The coach helps you to:

  1. Find out where you stand right now in terms of your use of IT and your information management practices
  2. Discover what you are longing for in terms of your work situation, your output, your creative process, your work life balance
  3. Find out which obstacles might appear on your journey towards the goal
  4. Discover your own intrinsic motivation for changing your behaviours and mindset
  5. Keep yourself on track and accountable
  6. Not forget to celebrate your victories and advancements

When it comes to coaching for Microsoft 365, the coach is also helping you with overcoming the technical hurdles. The coach might not know the solutions to all issues that might arise, but can help you find the best and most efficient way forward.

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