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Getting clarity on your priorities

A great tool for finding out your priorities for your journey towards mastering Microsoft 365 is the priority wheel. It will also tell you when you have reached your objective of mastery.
Getting clarity on your priorities

If you are starting out on your journey to master Microsoft 365, for your own wellbeing and productivity, it is very useful to get clarity on the priorities. Where would it be the best to focus first? Which new ways of working would give the most value? If you would find that, you would be off for a good start.

What we recommend our own clients is to do the exercise of the priority wheel. It is easy to do and yet very powerful. You draw a circle, divide it into 8 areas, and assign each area to an aspect of your work as a knowledge worker.

Below we have inserted such a wheel for 8 of the common types of information for a knowledge worker.

First, use a colour pen to fill in each area in terms of where you sense that you stand today (you can use Microsoft Whiteboard or OneNote that are good apps for this). It should look something like this (you can also fill in between the lines as we have done below):

Now, take another colour and fill in each area as of where you would like to be in that area, say, in 6 months. It will look something like this:

We can now start to analyse the result and the actions to be taken from here. In the circle above, the lines for emails and documents are the most in sync. On the other hand, the gaps between the current and the desired situation are the largest for the following areas:

  1. Tasks (4 lines of gap)
  2. Notes  (3 lines of gap)
  3. Structured data (3 lines of gap)

So the person who drew the above wheel has good reasons to start to focus on improving his or her task management.  A great method for this is habit formation for Microsoft 365, which gives you a structured, simple yet powerful way to start learning the new workways of Microsoft 365.

Throughout your journey towards mastering Microsoft 365 you should return to the priority wheel and fill it out again. When you have mastered one area, i.e. that you have reach the desired level, you come up with a new area to work with. When you no longer have any areas to work on, you have reached your goal of mastering Microsoft 365!

So, are you willing to give the priority wheel a try? You can download the empty priority wheel from here to get your started.

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