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Habit formation for Microsoft 365

Habit formation for Microsoft 365

A method for speeding up your own adoption of the new behaviours that are necessary for your use of Microsoft 365 is habit formation.

Habit formation has become really big the past decade, as neuro science has made revolutionary discoveries in how and why the brain forms habits.

Habit formation can be used for any area of your life, and it works particularly well with Microsoft 365.

You see, the brain is looking for 3 aspects to be in place for it to instigate a habit.

  1. A clear triggering event
  2. A clear-cut behaviour
  3. A sufficiently large reward

The brain does this as an evolutionary construction process, as it wants to save energy. Our brain is using a massive amount of energy as it is. So if it can automatize a behaviour that is good for the survival of the being (the sense of reward as an indicator of this) it will save energy. Otherwise you would have to spend energy on the look out for the trigger, willpower to perform the habit, and maybe even miss out on the reward (if you are not attentive after having performed the behaviour).

To sum up, the brain loves to form habits.

So to use habit formation for Microsoft 365 pro-actively as a method, we are actually working with our brain. This can give rise to feelings that you never experienced in relation to IT, such as joy, relief, pride, and mental relaxation.

Read how we work with habit formation for Microsoft 365.