Habit formation for Microsoft 365

Do you feel that you don’t have the time to learn all the features of Microsoft 365? Do you feel that Microsoft 365 seems too complex?

Then our method of habit formation for Microsoft 365 could be something for you.

It’s effective and simple method for learning to use the apps of Microsoft 365 in a productive way.

Learning by doing is the most effective way of learning.

This method is designed by experts of both Microsoft 365 and of modern habit formation (that is based on modern neuro science research).

Some examples of the habits for Microsoft 365 that we help our clients to form are:

  1. Plan your tasks for the workday (w/ToDo)
  2. Set up a notes page for each workday (w/OneNote)
  3. Close down the workday effectively (w/Viva Connections)
  4. Send praise to your colleagues (w/Viva Connections)
  5. Turn a chat message into a task (w/Teams)
  6. Save a conversation thread for getting back to it later (w/Teams)
  7. Flag an email for following up later (w/Outlook)
  8. Add a task to the list as it comes up (w/ToDo)
  9. Create a meetings page for each meetings (w/ToDo)

Instead of learning all the features of a specific app (in case you might need to perform such an action in the future), you learn to perform a specific and simple action and then repeat that action until it sticks. If you also include a personal celebration gesture, you shorten the time for the behaviour to stick. As you work on forming the habit, you will start to get used to the app and its relation to the other apps of Microsoft 365 and there’s a chance that your mindset will slightly shift and your curiosity to rise. Your journey towards mastering Microsoft 365 will get a boost.

If you want to try out this method, you are welcome to participate in our free 5-day challenge for developing a habit for Microsoft 365.