Habit: Planning my tasks for the workday

Here you find a description of the habit that you can select as part of our free 5 day challenge for developing a habit for Microsoft 365.


With this habit you get to, among the first things in the morning, select which tasks you should prioritize for the day ahead to work on and complete. The tasks can come from either emails that you have flagged in Outlook, tasks that you have been assigned in Planner by your colleagues or tasks that you have entered yourself into the tasks lists of ToDo.

With the help of the app ToDo:s feature “My Day” you will be able to in a structured way compile your list of tasks for the day ahead, that you then can bring with you during the day and that will help you get back on track after being sidetracked by the events of the day.

Instructions and configuration

To set up yourself up for being able to perform this habit is not difficult. We will provide you with everything you need once it gets close to start.

If you already want to take a sneak peek, you can head over to our Word document containing all instructions.