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How to develop robust habits for OneNote

How to develop robust habits for OneNote

It is important to make it as easy as possible to do the behaviours. So seeing up OneNote in a right way is crucial for you to be able to success with your new habit of using OneNote for managing your notes.

Yes, it requires work. And yes it requires some learning. But without it gaining the habit of using OneNote for your note taking will be so much more difficult.

Adding some friction to performing the old habit

And as post of this is to friction to executing the old behavior in note taking. Maybe you have taken your notes on paper, in Word files, on post-it notes, etc. Hope could you add friction (i.e. make it more time consuming or effort exerting) for yourself?

Maybe you can put the paper notebook away in a drawer? And the same with the post-it:s?

Making it easier to perform the new habit

How can you accomplish this? Here are my suggestions:

  1. Add OneNote to the activity bar on your PC so it is easy to open it when you need to
  2. When you add a new notebook, do that only in either of these 2 places:
    1. If the notebook should be your personal one, place it on your OneDrive (in a folder called “Notebooks” or similar)
    2. In a channel in Teams where your team colleagues also can access it

In this way you make sure that you increase your chances to easily find the notebook when you need to (going from your PC/MAC to your mobile phone, for example).

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