Magnus Fälth

Magnus Fälth is our founder and owner.

Magnus has been working with Microsoft collaboration platforms since year 2001. Back then he worked for World Bank and United Nations and when the technology for the web changed into being database driven, Magnus knew he had found his passion. After having developed, together with his brother Erik, their own Content Management System for UNCTAD (a UN organization in Geneva), Magnus took the step up to work with SharePoint. He then worked as project manager for large scale SharePoint implementations before he started his own company.

Founding his own business coincided with the birth of his daughter Isabella and after some reflection Magnus decided to train himself as a professional coach. Having passed the professional certification with the International Coaching Federation in 2012, he started to work as a coach for SharePoint. And when Office 365 was released by Microsoft a few years later, he knew that it was coach for the digital workplace that was going to be his profession.

After having coached and trained many hundreds of people in how to make use of Office 365, Magnus realized that the single most important factor that determines whether people in the organization will adopt the new ways of working is the leadership in the organization or group. If their leaders have taken a clear decision on the use of Office 365, the people are more likely to invest in learning to work in the new ways. And if their leaders themselves work in the new ways, the chances go up even more.

So then Magnus decided to focus fully on helping leaders to understand, make use of and lead for change in Office 365.

Magnus loves to manage information, and make it come to use in the most optimal way possible. It is about using the information in the right time, in order to take the most effective action. Having explored and worked in Office 365 for the past 5 years on a daily basis, Magnus has great practical knowledge of what works well in Office 365 and what the powerful habits are. He is passionate about helping others detect these, and also establish habits for their information management.

Magnus lives in Malmö, Sweden, and loves to travel. He has lived in Australia, Switzerland, USA, Czech Republic, Germany, and he speaks fluent Spanish, French, German and English (besides his native Swedish).