Free challenges

Maybe you would like to give our unique method a try? You are welcome to run a free challenge with us.

How it works?

  1. We challenge you to perform a specific (but simple) behaviour for 5 days in a row (within the app of your choice)
  2. We provide you with a clear instruction on how to perform the behaviour and how to get ready for it (configuration settings and all technical aspects)
  3. You will receive a chat message from our Office 365 coach each morning of the 5 days, asking you whether you succeeded in performing the behaviour. We also include a link to a daily video that gives you both some tips on how you can increase your chances to actually perform the behavour (via habit formation theory) + tips on how you can extend your repertoire of the app.

Currently we offer free 5-day challenges for the following apps: ToDo, OneNote and Teams.