Stage 1: You as a Microsoft 365 user

About this phase

In this phase the focus is on you and your habits for managing your personal information in Microsoft 365. The purpose is multifold: for you to be able to lead by example, for you to start to explore Microsoft 365, and for you to raise your productivity. 

What you learn

In this phase you learn:

    1. Simple and powerful habits for your personal information management
    2. Habit formation for your digital transformation
    3. To orientate yourself in Microsoft 365

Goals for this phase

You feel comfortable with the digital tools of Microsoft 365 for your personal use. And you have developed personal habits for your regular use of Microsoft 365 that gives you a lot of value. You understand how to form new habits that stic

Courses and material 

  1. Get Started with ToDo (for Managing your Tasks)
  2. Get Started with OneNote (for managing your Unstructured Information)
  3. Get Started with OneDrive (for Managing your Personal Documents)