Our method for Mastering Microsoft 365

We help our clients through our own methodology for mastering Microsoft 365:

  1. Getting clarity: we help you get clarity on which challenges you face right now in your information management. We help you to get a sound understanding of where you could go. Based on a realistic, but energizing, game plan we move on to the next phase
  2. Start to work in the app: you will be given a very simple, but well-designed behaviour to perform regularly, within the selected app. Likely effects of this is that you will start to shift in your self-identity, your brain will open up for curiosity, and more.
  3. Forming a habit: we want you to form a habit of the behaviour, so we teach you how to do that in the fastest time possible. With the behaviour as a habit, you will be able to expand your repertoire of information management.
  4. Extending your repertoire: after a while you will be ready to take on more features and extend your use of the app. We will provide you with all features of the app and help you get it into place until you can proudly state that you are indeed mastering the specific app! 🥳👏

Repeating the same approach for the other apps that you need in your work, you will be able to achieve Mastery of Microsoft 365!