Office 365 coaching for Management teams

We offer a unique coaching service for Management Boards in organizations both in the private and public sector.

One of the best approaches for getting the organization to start to use Office 365 is for Management to learn to use Office 365 in the ways the staff are intended to use it. And a Management Board has a lot to gain in terms of productivity in using Office 365 for its collaboration and communication. This is what we are specialized in.

We have helped many Management Boards to understand how they should use Office 365, and coached them to get the right habits in place for a sustainable use of Office 365.

We normally come to you for a first introduction workshop, that can also be purchased as a separate service. We are able to introduce Office 365, the modern workplace, and the specific productivity scenarios for a Management Board. We are also able to present our coaching service for Management Boards.

Among the productivity scenarios are: meeting management, document management, activity management, decision logging.

After the introduction workshop we are able to schedule one meeting per month, for either 3, 6 or 12 months. A usual setup is that the group covers one productivity scenario per month.

Between the meetings the participants are very welcome to practice on their own by taking our online courses or asking our coaches.

Does this sound interesting? You are welcome to contact us.