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Ledarskap för Microsoft 365

Ledarskap för Microsoft 365

What is ”Leadership for Microsoft 365” and in which way is it of importance? 

In order to get a group of people to change their ways of working together normally requires that there’s a driving force for the change. It is often not happening by itself. 

This driving force, that sets up some kind of vision of where the group ought to be moving to and then takes action to get there, could be the group’s manager or an interested individual inside the group. Or no one at all, which is probably the most common.

It is quite cumbersome to be the one leading other people into changing. And leading them into new ways of working, with something as personal as communication and collaboration, is in no way different. There will most likely be a lot of different attempts from the colleague not to follow suit, consciously or unconsciously. 

As a manager, there is always the possibility of mandating a certain way of working. The affect of such a mandating would to a certain extent be dependent on the manager’s power of influence over the employees, but other factor come into play as well. 

  1. Do the employees understand why they should change their behaviours? Has it been explained, not only once or twice, but consecutively over a period of time? 
  2. Have they been given sufficient of resources and help to be able to accomplish the shift? In terms of training, coaching and other help. 
  3. Are they given some slack in terms of their productivity for the period of trying out the new behaviours and working on understanding and integrating them into the personal repertoire? 

And how to influence your colleagues if you don’t have the manager position? Why would even want to take that role?

  1. You would benefit yourself directly if your colleagues improve their collaboration skills by becoming more productive 
  2. You would learn about technology, Microsoft 365, leadership and much more on your own 
  3. You might also have asked your manager if you could take on that role, and gotten some extra benefits for it (like participation in conferences on Microsoft 365, specific coaching for developing your skill set in leading for Microsoft 365, time off your work, etc.)