Do you want to learn to collaborate more effectively in Office 365?

Do you also notice that more and more work are done today in collaboration with others? When asked about this, people mean that they are part of 2-3 more teams today than just 3 years ago. 

The increased teamwork demands us to be even more structured in our information management, and for many this is one of the biggest challenges to deal with. 

If you have Office 365 in your organization, you can make use of its powerful tools for collaboration (e.g. Teams, Planner and SharePoint). And we would love to help get you started.

What you will get

Your team will get: 

A fully functional digital workplace in Office 365 (e.g with Teams, SharePoint, Planner), where you will be able to collaborate smarter, save time and energy, increase their creativity, be more responsive, have more fun.

Planner – for activity management, where you are able to collaborate on project activities, or any other joint work. 

Teams – a platform for persistent chat, file management (via SharePoint), online meetings, and more.

SharePoint – for document management, and mangement of various kinds of information.