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The benefits of having an accountability partner

The benefits of having an accountability partner

Having someone as your accountability partner on your journey towards mastering Microsoft 365 can be a very good thing.

At times it could feel hard to actually stick to the path towards mastering Microsoft 365, as your attention is demanded on other things.

Having someone to help you stay accountable to your vision and subgoals is very useful.

It could be a friend, a colleague or someone you have met in a community for like-minded. You might have started a tandem collaboration with another knowledge worker, where you keep each other accountable.

Some important aspects are that the other person understands what you aim for, isn’t easily fooled by your (probable) excuses, make you feel listened to when the going gets tough, and assist you in finding solutions to the inevitable obstacles that will arise.

Your accountability partner should give support, guidance and peer pressure for holding you accountable to take the specific actions to achieve your subgoals towards mastering Microsoft 365.

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