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The productivity scenarios for Office 365 we cover

Here at Coach Office 365 we help people to be able to lead effectively on the digital workplace, and one very effective way to work on a daily basis in Office 365 yourself. Maybe you wonder how to get started with using Office 365, or maybe you are eager to learn more scenarios?
The productivity scenarios for Office 365 we cover

What exactly is a productivity scenario? Well, it answers the question: “How can I use Office 365 for achieving my wanted result?”. In our productivity scenarios we provide a specific context, the apps that is to be used, and the expected value of the scenario. We also include the expected challenges that people before you have experienced.

The productivity scenarios that we cover are listed below.

For your personal productivity as a leader

As a leader for the digital workplace, knowing how to handle your own personal information effectively is a key factor. It is true that your colleagues might not see what you are doing, but they will surely notice your increased productivity!

  1. Communication
  2. Personal tasks
  3. Emails
  4. Meetings
  5. Personal documents
  6. Notes (incl. meeting notes)

For leadership teams

If you are part of a leadership team then you can use these scenarios straight off. They can however be used for any group that needs to improve their collaboration and communication skills within Office 365. We do recommend that you take the courage to practice these scenarios in a group setting, as they both will help you discover the real power of Office 365 as a collaboration and communication platform and make you practice you leadership skills.

  1. Meetings
  2. Shared activities
  3. Communication
  4. Shared documents
  5. Shared notes
  6. Agenda items

Final remarks

The scenarios are making use of the standard apps of Office 365 and do not require any extra licenses (however, it might be possible that your administrator could have turned off some features and apps as part of their implementation strategy).

We will be including overviews of the scenarios here on our blog over the past weeks. In our online courses we provide the full details for each scenario, including technical details and tips & tricks.  We also provide coaching to our students to make sure they develop the right mindset and habits for making the scenarios work for them.

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