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What does mastering Microsoft 365 entail?

What does mastering Microsoft 365 entail?

What does it entail to master Microsoft 365?

The prevailing understanding of mastering Microsoft 365 is to know how to program for Microsoft 365 or how to learn about the apps and how to use them. The focus is very much on the technology. 

A Google search on the term “mastering Microsoft 365” confirms this. There are only books and articles on the technology side of Microsoft 365.

It is like if you would search for “master driving a car” or “learning to ride a bike” (or any complex situation where your brain needs to coordinate your actions) would give you how to build a car or how to understand the different symbols on the display board. Sure, for getting the most of your driving you need to know some elementary things about how to check for the fuel level, the speed, and how to manoeuvre the car for turn taking, gear shifting, screen wiping and the similar actions. 

But that is just the basic. In order to really be able to drive safely (and to enjoy the experience yourself) you need to train your brain to simultaneously pay attention to the road as well as steer your arms and legs as needed (and much more). Do you remember when you first took the driver’s seat of a car? How impossible it all seemed that you would one day be able to actually manage to drive safely? But you did it! 

Mastering Microsoft 365 is similar to that learning process.

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