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Your team handbook in SharePoint

Your team handbook in SharePoint

Have you started to use Microsoft 365 as your management team’s digital workplace? Then you most likely have a need to develop and keep the instructions for how to do things in a good place. In this article I describe where in Microsoft 365 you best could create and keep such information.

Introduction to SharePoint

As a management team (or Board) you probably already have a Team in Microsoft Teams. The files in your Team are stored in an app called SharePoint Online (the files that you access via the tab “Files” of each channel).

SharePoint is designed to allow for the management of more types of information than files and documents, and its features for handling web content are quite good. So I recommend you to use SharePoint pages for your instructions (that I will call handbook pages below).

Startpage of the handbook

The startpage of the handbook could look like this.

A handbook page

A single handbook page could look like this.

Smart places to provide the link

It is possible to link to the pages from within the different apps and interfaces of your digital workplace. For example in the form for entering specific information, see below.

Link to the relevant handbook page accessible with the actual content

Another example is to embed the link to the relevant handbook page in an automatic post from a flow, see below.

The link to the relevant handbook page accessible in an automatic post from a flow


Keeping your handbook pages in your SharePoint website is a smart solution. In this way you make it easy both to access the pages as well as make it easy to keep them updated.