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Mastering Microsoft Teams – the structure

Mastering Microsoft Teams – the structure

Do you find that it’s about time for you to take your next step in your use of the Teams app?

It might be that you feel that your Teams app has become quite chaotic – too many teams, channels and group chats and documents?

Then you might be suffering the effects of your organisation’s lack of a strategy for Teams. A strategy would make sure there’s an appropriate structure to the organisation’s use of Teams, and that trickles down to the individual user like you.

In their blog article, the company Storyals share their recommendations for how to make sure there’s an adequate structure on the organisational level.

The article gives you the chance to build your awareness of what you would need to master Teams on your own accord. Sometimes we are dependent on the decisions and work of others (like the people who are responsible for the Teams rollout in your own organisation) but there are quite a lot of things you can do as an individual user of Teams for going from chaos to structure.

Have a good read.

Link: https://storyals.com/blog/from-chaos-to-structure-in-microsoft-teams

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