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Why master Microsoft 365?

What possibilities and benefits will you be able to harvest on your way towards mastery of Microsoft 365? It is very useful to be aware of what lies on the other side of rainbow in order to start off the journey and keep going.
Why master Microsoft 365?

Your employer would surely like you to master Microsoft 365; they have a lot of reasons for wanting that.

But what is in it for you?

Why would you from your side want to spend the energy and the time to develop mastery of Microsoft 365?

Showing your managers that you are eager and will to learn to work in the new ways could absolutely be one reason. Having that kind of employee works for any manager as you will be helping him or her towards achieving his or her objectives to get the subordinates to collaborate and communicate in effective ways in Microsoft 365. Your organization is paying quite a lot for using Microsoft 365 and it has as a goal to get its investment back, you see.

What other, more intrinsic reasons can a person have for working towards mastering Microsoft 365?

I have in my job as a coach for Microsoft 365 come across people who are quite apt in leading themselves, and who have used that skill to become really well-verse in using Microsoft 365 for their work. Questions they have asked themselves have been: who do I want to become? What possibilities do I want to open up for myself? And then, what is the quickest and most effective way for me to be able to use Microsoft 365 in the way it is beneficial for me?

I can think of a number of reasons that you would want to become a master of Microsoft 365, see below. But ultimately you need to find your own driving forces that will make you continue on your learning path even if big obstacles come up. Here’s my list of reasons for why you would want to master Microsoft 365:​​​

  1. You are likely to feel reduced work-related anxiety and stress, by being in control of your information and knowing what actions are expected of you.
  2. You will have the capacity to keep your information together (and not fragmented in different places) which allows for your brain to relax and be creative instead
  3. You won’t spend much time looking for information that you need (which saves you time)
  4. You will be able to get things done, and in time, as you work up a smooth technique for catching tasks as they fly by, save the tasks a conducive location, have the tasks surface when due, and finally execute the tasks at the right moment
  5. You will be able to relax during the workday as you feel in control of your obligations (your brain doesn’t have to worry about missed appointments or deadlines)
  6. You will improve your capacity for prioritization
  7. You will improve your capacity for decision making
  8. You will feel confident in leading your colleagues into the new ways of working
  9. You will gain freedom of location as you will feel confident in your setup to work from basically anywhere and on different devices
  10. You will be able to grasp the new features that are released and quickly adopt the new ways of working that could lead to increased productivity
  11. You will increase your employability as knowing how to work in Microsoft 365 is a skill much searched after
  12. You will widen your chances for getting interesting jobs as knowing Microsoft 365 can take you into positions that might not have existed before or that normally wouldn’t be accessible for you

I hope some of these reasons resonate with you, and make you open up your eyes for where mastering Microsoft 365 can take you.

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