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How to develop robust habits for Office 365

How to develop robust habits for Office 365

Going from not making use of a specific app of Office 365 to using it on a daily basis requires the development of new habits (either one or several). In this post I’ll take a look at how you can successfully develop new habits for the various Office 365 apps.

Developing habits for the digital workplace is no different from developing habits for other areas in your life. So we can use the theory and practice of habit formation proposed by experts such as BJ Fogg, James Clear and Charles Duhigg (for good resources on habit formation, see our Resource page).

In this post I will go straight into the details of how to create habits for Office 365. So if you feel that you need to understand the basics of habit formation, we can recommend you to check out these resources.

In hos book “Atomic habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” James Clear explains the success criteria for habit formation and I can in particular connect the following 3 for habits for Office 365:

  1. Getting the habit in place by reducing it to a very small, tiny task not taking more than 2 minutes to complete
  2. Get your environment right, i.e. make sure that your surroundings work to your benefit and not vice versa
  3. Continuity, i.e. keeping at it and not giving up. Is also called strategy.

We will create recommendations for how to go about creating robust habits for individual apps of Office 365 that you will see in the related posts section below.

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